(of a contract, agreement, etc) made without consideration and void unless under seal n in the nude) [C16: from Latin 2. Link to this page: Playboy Playmate Of The Month. Used of clothing and makeup with respect to the skin tone of the wearer. a light grayish yellow brown to brownish pink color. n to sleep in the nude → dormir nu(e), dormir tout(e) nu(e) nude nude (njuːd) adjective without clothes; naked. nude - without clothing (especially in the phrase `in the nude ); they swam in the nude nakedness, nudeness, nudity - the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind 3.

streaker - someone who takes off all their clothes and runs naked through a public place 4. Without the usual covering: Translations гол alaston nud ภาพเปลือย çıplaklık 2. lacking some legal essential: a nude contract. the condition of being unclothed: to sleep in the nude. without the usual coverings, furnishings, etc. naakstudie صورَة إنسان عارٍ фот.

Permitting or featuring full exposure of the body: a nude beach. Having or being one of a variety of colors, such as pinkish beige, tan, or brown, that are similar to a skin tone. Nude - definition of nude by The Free Dictionary Search / Page tools 中文简体 Русский Türkçe 中文简体 Русский Türkçe nude (no͞od, nyo͞od) adj nude chat without register..
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